Third Grade Resource Links



Login required?

Typing Agent

Works on developing good keyboarding skills


Develops math skills at the student’s level of learning

Xtra Math

Fact fluency for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division


Digital math instruction that repeats lessons if not mastered

Kids A-Z

Digital books to listen to, read, and take comprehension quizzes

Book Creator

Create books and share with classmates

STEM Activities

STEM activities for boys and girls

Mystery Science Lessons

Some short, quick, and easy science lessons to do at home. NO login needed, just follow the link at the top of the page

Art for Kids

Directed drawing, painting, and origami

Reading and math activities. Students have personal logins and activities can be assigned by teacher

Ms. Olson’s students have logins that I will have to give to parents.

Teach Your Monster to Read

Reading foundational skills

Ms. Olson’s students have logins based on my account, and I can track their progress. Parents can download for free right now as well, and students can do it themselves, but we can’t track progress

Third Grade Enrichment Activities
Third grade families:  You'll find all your student's enrichment activities from your teacher on Google Classroom.
Classroom codes are shared from teachers. If you need the code, please email your teacher or message using Class Dojo.